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Santo Subito?

041713-shows-106-park-introducing-stacy-barthe-St-Johns-University-logo.jpg.custom1200x675x20.dimgWell, it certainly hasn't taken long for the canonization procedures to kick in for the late Mario M. Cuomo, former governor of the State of New York. While one might have expected it from the secular press whose headlines and stories have glorified and all but deified their liberal champion, the latest cry that I've come across arrived earlier today in an e-mail from no less a (nominally Catholic) source than the Office of the President of St. John's University here in Jamaica, Queens, Mr. Cuomo's alma mater and (I now am ashamed to say) mine. The communique from the President's...
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Times Have Changed

"Thirty or forty years ago, it was easy to be a Christian. The very air we breathed was Christian. Bicycles could be left on front lawns; doors could be left unlocked. Suddenly all this has changed; now we have to affirm our faith. We live in a world that challenges us. And many fall away. Dead bodies float downstream; it takes live bodies to resist the current. And this is our summons."We will have to begin to be a different Church. We are for a moment on the trapeze. We are in between the death of an old civilization and culture and...
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Sharing my Thoughts

For some time now I have wanted to share my thoughts in a public forum. I am a Roman Catholic Priest and think it is important that we use the modern forms of communication to spread the Good News. I hope to have more time in the near future to add articles to this blog. In the meantime, please pray for me and know that you are in my prayers.
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